Monday, February 12, 2007


I like to see growing things. During the last fall planying season I placed in the ground over a hundred bulbs of various kinds. I've even forgotten all the things that I have planted, but that just means I get to have wonderful surprises! In the last few weeks the surprise has been how may croci I had planted ... and of course not garden is complete without a few beds of daffodils ... they are particularly robust looking! I know I planted a few things that I did not recognize .. little tubers and other such things, but cannot remember where I planted them. It seems there is too much "garden" space to keep track of. There is another priest here who loves to work in the gardens so I am just sitting back and enjoying the work he does ... having only added the bulbs and tubers I mentioned. It will be some time before everything comes up. In the meantime I am sur ethat there will be small invasive plants, often called weeds, that will need to be cared for ....

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