Monday, February 12, 2007

Rain, Rain, come and stay!

Greetings and lots of moist blessings! As you may imagine there is a love of rain in my heart. Have you ever seen lush forests and clear flowing rivers in a land without rain? Have you ever notices that the air is just so much more wonderful washed by rains from heaven? Can you now understand part of the reason for my love of rain? Of course there is the additional benefit (admitted by some), that on a cloudy, rainy day one does not have to worry so much about sunburn or sweat from just living. It is so much easier to add a layer of warmth than to remove layers ... after all there is a limit beyond which some would find it hard to go ... and if one did the dangers to exposed body segments might be more than one could bear!
I strongly recommend those portions of our world that can offer the perfect climate - 72 degrees, partially cloudy, with a gentle breeze and the promise of rain in the near future. Ah! Heaven!

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