Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A change of pace, a change of venue ...

At our last Provincial Chapter I was selected to be the Province Webmaster, which gave me access to a great area suitable for a moderately large layout.  The Rose Gulch and Portland was to grow large enough to have regular service throughout the imaginary greater Portland area.  All great plans have the possibility of grand success and things less than success.

  As this present Provincial Chapter drew near, our Provincial asked that I step down as Webmaster and take on ministry to the University of Oregon at our St. Thomas More Newman Center in Eugene, Oregon.  This change brings with it many great possibilities and challenges.  One good thing is that although I can be happy nearly anyplace, I am particularly pleased to be in the Pacific Northwest again.  I grew up in Seattle and have found my greatest joy in cloudy weather with regular doses of rain.  That's somewhat different from the dry, rainless climate of Oakland, CA.

Anyway, my present ministry in Eugene does not allow for the presence of a layout.  Not only am I physically busier, but there is no useable space to create a rail empire.  Maybe I'm dreaming and will wake soon with my layout still operational, but not likely.  As time goes by I may discover ways to slip in a small shelf or some other minimal way to run the engines I brought with me.

  May the celebration of the great Solemnity of Christmas, which culminates with the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God tomorrow bring you abundant blessings and graces for the New Year.

  PS: If you did not get all your Christmas cards out on time, call them Epiphany Cards, giving you until the sixth of January to complete.

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