Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Building Buildings ....

Dear friends of the Rose Gulch and Portland Railroad,

  The time seems right to begin populating the layout with some structures.  Having limited skills in actual modeling I have resorted to plastic models for my first efforts (wooden trestle doesn't count).  Here are some shots of the buildiings so far:

The "block" in the background is one structure made to represent five different businesses.  Relatively simple in design, the hardest part was painting it so that it looked like different structures.  That little bit of red and white barely seen in the background is a two stall engine house that will eventually find a place on the layout.  I did not build it.  The building in the foreground is not much bigger than the background ones, but is a corner edifice, supposedly a cafe with rooms above.  I left it the Korner Kafe with rooms for rent upstairs through the door at the far end.

These two buildings are from different companies.  The one on the left is one of three identical buildings in one kit.  They will resemble each other as their original intent was to represent company houses (Originally they would have all been white, but so boring!).  The building on the right is the Second Class Saloon.  It was more fun to put together than all the previous kits and has details like the stairs and the front overhand that give it character .. on the roof is a ladder, a walkway and two "fire barrels."

 Two buildings that could be storefronts with rooms to rent above.

Another view of the buildings in the first picture.

A view of a different set of company houses. 
These had good detain in the separate window frames, doors and door frames. 
I also liked the little bits of gingerbread at the peak of the roofs.

Another view of the company houses.
Note that they are not finished, as is the case with most of the others. 
Details such as chimneys and weathering are yet to be added.
All will also get interior lighting, if possible.

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