Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Olean, Bradford & Warren Railroad

Over the years the Olean, Bradford & Warren Railroad HON3 layout has continued to blossom.  Since its arrival at St. Albert Priory (Dominican House of Studies) in Oakland, CA it has been carefully attached to a fourth floor wall, had a run-around behind the wall added, a spur into a storage room to protect the motive power from curious fingers, and the addition of some impressive building fronts.  Rolling stock also seems to continue to grow through the creative hands of the chief engineer.

Not to be outdone, a friar from the local area has joined in establishing a rail empire at St. Albert.  Just a few paces from the Olean, Bradford & Warren is a still unnamed HO scale layout in progress.  The layout is on two levels on a framework that seems to be about twenty feet long and about eight feet wide with a crawl-under access to the central control area.  The layout is powered by a NCE DCC system with access points around the perimeter as well as in the central area.

I cannot yet determine the nature of the layout and have not spoken to the engineer in charge, but the double main line with sidings and a significant yard would allow for moving both freight and passenger service.  I will await future developments as they present themselves (and I am able to observe .. distance makes things difficult).

Below are pictures of the Olean, Bradford & Warren Railroad and the other layout .. connected at one point so that some exchange can happen and it is possible for the new route's motive power to be stored in the OB&W storeroom.

Take note of the new buildings to the right on this scene of the rail yard.

These Log cars sit on the upper level waiting to be taken to the mill.

The Mill is ready to accept logs.

The engine house is now empty, waiting the return of the 4-4-0
Meanwhile below near the main line, work cars are ready for duty as needed.

These trestles have always impressed me.
It is quite a task to deliver cars and pick up loads through this
switch-back of bridge-work.
The new HO layout is on two levels
This is just the start of the project

Everything can be controlled by the NCE control
The framework is solid.

Complex crossing poses electrical problems that took a while to overcome
This crossing involved both ascending and descending trackage crossing each other.

The upper yard is significant and will be expanded
to include a turntable capable of holding a "big-boy"

The Layouts are connected along the wall with careful attention to granting control to each layout without creating shorts or dueling controls.  I am sure that both OB&WRR and the new one will add their own details in the future.

Meanwhile, this writer is happy to have been a part of the 24th Provincial Chapter of the Western Dominican Province meeting at St. Albert Priory from January 3 to January 22, 2011.  A smaller group of friars continues to meet through the end of the month to tie up and loose ends and adjust assignments after making provincial appointments.

May the friars of the Western Dominican Province, always faithful to the the teachings of Holy Mother Church, continue to grow in grace and peace.  May our vocations flourish and our existing friars be filled with zeal for the truth and its proclamation to a world torn by relativism and misinformation.

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