Saturday, August 28, 2010

Building Community can be fun!

I had a most wonderful experience today. The retirement center across the street from Holy Rosary had a Block Party. Everyone was invited, both residents and neighborhood folk. As a matter of fact there were all sorts of people from all over the city. People from local businesses and even the local ladder company dropped by for the food and entertainment. The burgers and dogs were delicious! The Executive Director of the center is a wonderfully gregarious man by the name of Gary Warren. He should be applauded for this great community building effort for both the residents and the greater NE Portland area.

(You may notice that the name of the retirement community bears a strong resemblance
to the home town of a certain Religious Order founder. Not by accident.)

There was a group singing (I fell badly that I did not get their name) when I arrived, singing songs that I remember from my younger years, but which I would not immediately sense would be in tune with a retirement community until I reflected for a moment that the residents were not all that much older than I, and some just within a few years. They certainly brought back memories.

Celtic Showcase Benefit

Speaking of entertainment! The above advertised Portland Metro Youth Pipe Band marched into the midst of the gathered people and performed a beautiful series of Scottish tunes. They were remarkable! I certainly hope that their fundraiser works for them as it seems that they make very good use of the gifts they receive in their service to the greater community. These young people deserve as much support as possible ... maybe even some day representing Portland in International competition.

Gotta go ... Time to begin preparing the evening meal for the friars.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, bubs. Thanks for the update! I'm glad you had a good time at the party and music event.