Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The little things count

There are many things that seem important in building a layout. For me it seems the complexity of the rail arrangement helps keep it interesting. This included the way the track is placed on the layout, but also what kind of track ... recently I have been toying with the idea of ripping out some of the code 100 track and replacing it with code 83 or even code 70 rail.
This would give a nice visual distinction between main line, siding and yard tracks. As I am just in the beginnings of putting stuff together this is still a relatively easy option to consider. I must admit that if I had not received a wonderful gift in a Dremel tool I would be less likely to think of such things. With the cutting wheel of that tool I can easily fit in replacement rail that leaves little or no gaps.
Some have asked when I might be getting to this project. As things have started to take an upturn in my life, I can imagine being ready to tackle it withing a few weeks. Now if I could just get all this pesky ordinary life to open great gaps of time, I think I would be even more eager to begin. Life goes on.
I should be getting new pictures in about a month ... that will be when anything I do might actually begin to show. Meanwhile, happy Advent! May all your rails be smooth and your engineer lead you down the right track.


Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. said...

Greetigns from the Olean Bradford and Warren Yards!

Code 70 track is great! Much more autenthic looking. I look forward to seeing photos.

Faith said...

Do you add seasonal scenery?

Fr. Vincent Benoit, OP said...

Dear Faith,

Before I can add seasonal scenery I probably have to have any scenery to be added to ... . I am still in process and probably will get to the level of adding variety to the layout sometime after I retire (getting closer than I want!) :)