Monday, February 9, 2009

Resurrection Construction

Greetings of The New Year.  I have not posted anything since before Christmas.  We had so much snow that we not only missed two Sundays, but most of Christmas as well.  I will never wax longingly for a white Christmas again!

In the realm of the Rose Gulch and Portland, I have put the wiring together, adjusted the legs and set everything upright again.  In the process of re-doing the wiring I made it possible to run in either DC or DCC with the flip of a switch.  To install the switch I added a valance of fibreboard around the entire layout.  This also allowed me to eliminate the blocks of wood holding things together.  I plan on shortening the valance a bit, mostly to even it out.  I also plan on adding a skirt around the whole thing to hide the legs and the wires that hand down.

There have been no new additions that I can think of ... a house and a water tank might be new.  I have to wait for allowances to catch up for a while.  But there is plenty to do.  I can begin affixing scenery elements, such as ground cover and trees, begin building the "mountain" that feeds "Rose Gulch", and deciding where and what kind of roads will feed the "town" of Rose Gulch.  Lots to do and all the materials already handy.  All I need is time!

I also had my first visitors to the construction site.  Two students from Ecce Veritas and their mother.  They have a layout in process, had seen this blog,  and wanted to see what mine was like up close.  I gave them a short history of the layout and expressed my desire, if I did it over again, that I use different material and find some way to have it against a wall instead of free-standing, or at least make it a dog-bone.

A Dios for now....


Anonymous said...

It looks incredible! Later, you can add a Dominican church and a Jesuit church and have all the little priests do holy battles of wit! Though, a "house and water tank" seems like a good start.

I'm sure you meant to say "A God" instead of "goodbye" in that last line. Though, since you're using a capital "G" for the only and singular "Dios", methinks the statement is redundant. Grammar!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Vincent,

Great to see the progress. How many DCC engines do you have? And now many DC? The toolbox shaped structure is very post-modern.

Would you be willing to help me drive from VA to CA in late May - early June? I think I may have to move the Olean, Bradford, and Warren to CA in a trailer.

--Pres, O.B.&W.

El Presidente RGandP RR said...

Dear President,

I would be honored to be a part of the Westward migration. May-June may work out as my wedding plans are tied to late June. Moving so delicate an item as a trailer full of rail and scenery requires special care. I am sure it will work out OK. Is there a time when I can start planning for this?