Thursday, November 6, 2008

Slow Progress and ... oops! No pictures!

It seems that I need more than a small yard to keep all the rolling stock in one place. It is time to cull the herd and make certain that everything will fit. Or not. Maybe after I finish the yard I will be happier with the collection. I do know that some of the monster cars are going to hit the road. They do not like my curves and I do not like them.

The white refer and the two BN green box cars on the track to the right are on the list for removal. The yard itself is not much to write home about. Take note of how little room I actually have to move cars around. Using the steam engine in the background it took some time just to get these cars in place with a couple of assists from the giant yard crane.

The consist attached to the 0-6-0 is almost more than the engine can handle, partially due to lack of attention to rolling stock to make certain it rolls freely. Problems with derailment have almost disappeared with the installation of Peco turnouts replacing Atlas turnouts. I am just happy I do not have to build the turnouts from scratch ... older eyes and fingers just are not up to the task.

As time permits I will finish the yard, clean up the layout, and begin throwing "stuff" on the layout to give it character. I will miss using it as a work bench, but I need to get organized anyway.

Until next time, Happy All Saints and All Souls.

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Anonymous said...

Pictures! We miss them.