Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crawling Along - Seeking the Good

Well, it has been a month or more since the last edition of this blog. Since then the layout has not progressed much. Replacing Atlas brand turnouts with Peco brand has been the project of choice, with a side trip into the beginnings of a small yard. Yes, I know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I am not quite ready for pictures right now. Maybe pictures will be appropriate as ballast and "turf" start to appear.

I have several little kits that I will be putting together, including the portals to the tunnel, the opening of the culvert under what is now going to be a yard, and a couple small buildings. I also have some gravel, trees and other things to add a bit of warmth to the layout. All of this will take time. Would you believe I actually considered ripping it all apart and starting over with a multi-layer layout? Flat just does not seem like much fun ... but I have lots of time so that sort of approach can always happen later (if the creek don't rise and other conditions remain the same).

The community enjoyed a lovely night out at one of our favored places to eat: Russell Street Barbecue. We tried to go to one of our other favored places,
Sal's Famous Italian Kitchen, but found that it was closed, just like last week when we tried to go to Steamers Restaurant and Lounge, which probably is really closed not just in the process of remodeling. (Last week we ended up eating at El Sombrero.) As you may have guessed, we tend to go out once a week as a community just for the joy of it ... well sometimes not so much joy... It does give us an opportunity to unwind that does not present itself during what can be very busy weeks. Besides, who wants to cook after a full day of liturgies...

The news is not good from Seattle. My classmate from St. Albert days is now in stage four cancer of the esophagus, matasticised to liver, lungs and probably back. Kemo-therapy has only slowed down its progress. We have been praying for a miracle, and will keep pleading ... remember the widow and the unjust judge ... as our merciful God must surely be listening. Through the inercession of one of his devotions ... to Blessed Theresa of Calcutta ... may he be healed quickly. Time is precious.

Until next time ....

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Fr. Augustine Thompson O.P. said...

Hi, Vincent,

I have been remembering you (and Tom) daily in the "quite time."

Here at the Olean Bradford & Warren, all but one the turnouts are now in (18, with two dual gauge). Need to move to a bigger room to add the middle module (which has the last turnout--and trestles and bridges to get to the upper level of the Kendall and Edred. All have Tortoises under the board in working order now.

Going slow on wiring. Mainly 'cus it is what I hate the most. Do you do fly-ins?

Your classmate at the OB&W