Friday, May 30, 2008

When Narrow meets Standard

This small HOn3 engine has come to visit the RG&P. It will probably not be integrated into the layout, but until its owner comes for it, it will be cared for and helped to run the best it can. HOn3 is an interesting gage in that I had a great deal of trouble even finding sources for dual gage track (in case it did hang around too long). Then, of course, what about the difficulty in moving from the dual gage to single gage. Such turnouts are even harder to fine. I am happy I am not comitted to a dual layout. It must be a real pain, even as it would add a great deal of "color" to the operation.


Pres. Orlean, Bardford, and Warren RR said...

Guess what, Vincent,

Two Spartans were in eBay without any notice that they were brass or narrow gauge. Virtually no one bid. So the OB&W now has another 4-4-0 and 2-6-0. Very marrow minded.

El Presidente RG&P said...

Dearest Pres OB&W,

The existing engine seems to run fine. It does need a "wire" soldered to keep electrical contact good. I'm sure the Road Crew can handle that upon arrival.