Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A little something for the passenger cars

Hello again,
You can play with this picture all you want. The 4-6-4 has a bit of work yet to do on her before she is ready to pull any rolling stock. With a few details still in the box it came in, plus a bit of electrical work I have a bit more to do. It's a very smooth running beast and seems to be able to handle even some of my bad track work. I'll still work on it in the next month or so as some of the rollong stock has issues with a couple of turnouts and at least two "kinks" in the end of curves. Some day I'll be able to start on landscape and buildings, but no time right now. Carry on!
May all your days be filled with joy!


The Engine that Could said...

Real nice Hudson 4-6-4. Used exclusively for passengers on high speed lines--created for the NY Central, thus the name. What is the class and road of the prototype? Looks like a Canadian Pacific RR Hudson to me, it's certainly not a NYC--they were streamlined.

You might find this link of interest on that kind of engine: http://www.trains.com/ctr/default.aspx?c=a&id=118

Casey Jones said...

Whoah! Those look like open-platform wooden coaches (1880s) behind that 1930s engine. Are they still in service after 50 years? The Rose Gulch needs to get some modern passenger cars.

El Presidente RG&P said...

The engine is decorated for the Burlington Route. It may, or may not, keep that simple livery.

The coaches are indeed old open-platform wooden coaches, complete with detailed interiors including wash rooms, baggage racks and wood stoves. The baggage car has its desk and other equipment plus a nice selection of baggage.

The Rose Gulch is an anachronism to begin with ... 4-4-0's from the civil war through modern diesels ... not a very time conscious place (smile)