Thursday, April 24, 2008

RG&PR Revisited

The railroad includes some remarkable steam engines, some requiring a bit of work to get them ship-shape. This 0-4-0, for instance, had been run heavily during its sojourn with its previous owner and the "bearings" were so worn that it could not be "quartered" properly. A few weeks in the train hospital and it now runs remarkably well for an old coot. It still nees a new coat of paint, but the yard crew is off working on other things at present and will not get to this for some time.

These two little gems were manuafactuired for the centenary celebration of the driving of the Golden Spike joining East and West. Made in Japan, they run well for their age. A little hospital time for them was required as well, both to "quarter" them and to fix missing and broken trucks on the engine on the right. That engine also got a new front to its boiler. Because they are historical artifacts I am not certain if they will ever be painted in the Rose Gulch colors. They do look good pulling those civil war box cars....

More pictures will be forthcoming as time and camera allow. Maybe a picture of the layout as it progresses.

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The Yard Crew said...

Bigger Rictures of these Engines! And how about some of the workhorse diesels?